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  • Dried Apricot

    Dried apricots are obtained from drying the fruit. This includes a drying process that evaporates the water content of the fruits without harming or reducing the nutritive value of the dried apricots. As a result, nutrients are not harmed and you yield even more benefits of dried apricots. These contain Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin C.  One cup serving of dried apricots contains 158 micrograms of Vitamin A. These dried fruits supply many nutrients that are required for a healthy body along with combating many diseases. Contact our commerce department for any extra information about our products.
  • Dried Fig

    Dried figs are the dried forms of the fig fruit, which grows on the fig tree, scientifically known as Ficus carica. While fresh figs are quite popular for their juicy, luscious texture, they are rather delicate fruits and are only available for a short time each year. Fresh figs are only good for 1-2 weeks after they are harvested, and are best consumed within a few days. Contact our commerce department for any extra information about our products.
  • Date Fruit

    Dates refer to the fruits of the date palm tree. These are probably one of the oldest cultivated fruits and have been a part of the staple diet in the Middle Eastern countries. They are believed to have originated somewhere around the Persian Gulf. Many kinds of date are cultivated around the world, and Iran is a significant producer of it. At PersiaNuts we provide several kinds of dates including Piarom, SayerMazafati, Rabi, Zahedi and etc. if your in need of consultant in order to choose which kind of dates are proper for your business, please contact us. Ultimately, you can check our website (NakhilDates) which specifically is designed for our Date product customers.
  • Peeled Peanut

    Peanuts is a famous in all over the world for its protein, peanuts contain more protein than meat and about two and a half times more than eggs. Groundnuts are a good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and boron.
  • Peeled Pistachio

    Peeled pistachios are a healthy, nutrient-rich snack that you can eat anytime, anywhere.
  • Hazelnut

    First grade hazelnuts from one of the most qualified Iranian producer.